Best Of The Best 2006: Flexing Its Muscle

Now with 11 years of experience under its belt, Bombardier Flexjet, the fractional-ownership program offered by the manufacturer of the Learjet and Challenger lines of business jets, is working aggressively to enhance its services.

Flexjet used to serve Canada only when flying to or from a U.S. destination, but in February it announced that it would offer point-to-point flights wholly within that country. Now it has two Learjet 45s, a Challenger 604, and 10 pilots based in Montreal. Last summer, Flexjet partnered with American Express Membership Rewards to offer Private Jet Rewards, a new redemption option. Under the plan, American Express cardholders can redeem points for travel on Flexjet planes as well as those operated by Bombardier Skyjet, the company’s charter service.

Prices range from about $527,900 for a one-sixteenth share (50 hours) of a six-passenger Learjet 40XR to about $1.6 million for the same share of a Challenger 604, which seats as many as 12. Flexjet added 20 new aircraft to its fleet in 2005, and it expects to add roughly another 20 this year.


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