Best Of The Best 2006: Flight Club

Just about every problem in our business,” observes JetNetwork COO Paul Svenson, “stems from the fact that companies take on too many clients.”

Svenson should know. He helped pioneer the flight-card concept while he was an executive at Sentient; then he took his expertise to JetNetwork when it was founded in 2002. “What we’re doing,” Svenson continues, “is creating something like a country club. We have no more than 750 members, and we intend to keep our client list manageable at all times.”

To enhance this exclusive atmosphere, JetNetwork recently formed a partnership with the members-only Setai Club in Miami, giving flight-card owners access to Setai facilities and privileges, as well as a $15,000 discount toward full club membership. Svenson expects that JetNetwork soon will make similar arrangements with other resorts.

JetNetwork gives members access to more than 100 aircraft, from the seven-passenger Beechjet 400A (at $2,300 per hour) to the 14-passenger Gulfstream IV (at $4,950 per hour). The company requires at least a $100,000 deposit, against which it deducts flying costs. It charges no membership fees and imposes no fuel surcharge, an important consideration in a time of skyrocketing fuel prices. The remainder of the deposit is fully refundable.




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