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JetPASS, the jet-card program offered by fractional operator Flight Options, has been making changes of late. This spring, JetPASS launched an Ultimate Travel option that allows you to deduct the cost of flight hours from a $100,000 deposit instead of purchasing a specific number of hours on a particular type of aircraft. Once you make a deposit, JetPASS reserves the right to adjust hourly prices only twice per year, in March and September. Another initiative gives you 5 percent off the price of your next JetPASS card once your current card’s balance has reached zero. In addition, you can apply a 10 percent credit on a card purchase toward the price of a fractional share of a jet owned by Flight Options. For example, if you purchase a $100,000 card, you can apply $10,000 to an ownership share in a jet.

Rates start at $3,300 per flight hour for round-trip travel on a seven-passenger Beechjet 400A. The company’s fleet also includes eight-passenger Hawker 800XPs and large-cabin Embraer Legacys that seat as many as 13 people. Flight Options says the card will not expire and that any balance is fully refundable.

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