Best Of The Best 2006: Growth Spurt

Older companies are sometimes perceived as dinosaurs lumbering toward evolutionary dead ends, but Executive Jet Management, a charter operator established in 1964, shows no signs of taxiing in that direction. In fact, the company is growing astonishingly quickly. In the 15 months beginning in January 2005, it added 33 charter planes to a fleet of more than 100 based in over 60 cities around the United States. Thirty types of aircraft in a broad range of cabin classes give EJM customers options few charter companies can match.

The hourly rate for a light, seven-seat Beechjet 400A is $1,950, while a Bombardier Global Express, which seats 14, ranges from $6,650 to $7,500 an hour. The 18-seat Boeing Business Jet is available for variable rates. Where many providers deliver only rough cost estimates for trips, EJM provides detailed quotes for domestic flights, including landing and crew overnight expenses, and says that it does not pass on hidden costs.

While Executive Jet Management may be termed venerable, the services it has developed over the years seem destined to be enjoyed by the next generation of charter fliers.

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