Best Of The Best 2006: Pure And Simple

Bombardier’s Skyjet, which offers flight hours on Bombardier Flexjet’s fleet of aircraft as well as on light jets from a range of operators, says it is intent on removing the confusion from flying.  Three levels of card membership are available, beginning at $94,000 for 25 hours on a light jet. Moving up in scale, a 25-hour card for a Learjet is priced at $101,000 or $135,000, depending on the jet’s size, and 25 hours on a wide-body Bombardier Challenger cost $210,000. All three programs offer free positioning to your departure airport and guaranteed availability within 12 hours of your scheduling the flight.

In April, Skyjet began moving its office to the Dallas headquarters of Bombardier’s fractional operation, Flexjet (one of our selections for Best Fractional-Ownership Programs). For cardholders, the company says, the move should result in initiatives that simplify transitions from flight card to fractional ownership.

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