Best Of The Best 2006: Quick Liftoff

The German aerospace giant Grob made a splash at last year’s Paris Air Show when it announced its new Grob SPn Utility Jet, a light offering that is built with carbon-fiber composites and designed for less-than-perfect runways.

The plane is suited for pilots or passengers who want to step up from a turboprop without sacrificing flexibility. The company reports that the jet can take off from a grass or gravel runway only 3,000 feet long and fly 2,070 miles nonstop.

The cockpit incorporates Honeywell’s APEX integrated avionics suite, while two rear-mounted Wil­liams FJ44-3A engines with 2,800 pounds of thrust deliver the power. The 405 cu ft cabin has an eight-seat, double-club configuration that you can quickly convert to accommodate outsize objects or provide more legroom.


Swiss-based ExecuJet Aviation Group will serve as Grob’s exclusive worldwide sales distributor and maintenance partner for the SPn  Utility Jet. Grob anticipates European certification early next year. It ex­pects to receive FAA approval and begin making deliveries near the middle of 2007. Pricing will start at about $7 million.

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