Best of the Best 2008: Recently Delivered Aircraft: Hawker 4000

The Hawker 4000 is Hawker Beechcraft’s biggest, fastest jet yet. With two powerful Pratt & Whitney engines and a range of 3,775 miles, the aircraft flies effortlessly between continents and hops over oceans without stopping for fuel.

Had it entered the market several years ago, as planned, the 4000 would have led the growing super-midsize category. However, Hawker Beechcraft encountered several certification delays along the way, which pushed initial delivery dates to the first half of 2008. Even though it is debuting in a more crowded field, the 4000’s impressive marriage of efficiency and comfort makes it the category leader. NetJets, recognizing the strengths of the 4000, already has ordered 82 planes.

It is easy to understand why. The spacious stand-up cabin seats eight to 12 passengers. Baggage compartments are accessible from both outside and inside the cabin. Custom interiors feature leather and wood, as well as electronics and entertainment systems for working or relaxing. The fuselage is fabricated from advanced composite materials that are strong and lightweight. A swept-back aluminum wing delivers smooth handling at speeds up to 555 mph. In the cockpit, an integrated Honeywell avionics system includes five large computer screens that provide information essential to conducting safe and efficient flights. The Hawker 4000, typically equipped, sells for $20.9 million.



Hawker Beechcraft, 316.676.5034, www.hawkerbeechcraft.com

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