Best Of The Best 2006: Marquis Jet

Marquis Jet, a program offered by NetJets, our Best of the Best Fractional-Ownership Programs selection, combines the simplicity and low financial risk of jet cards with many of the advantages that the fractional giant conveys. Marquis acquires fractional shares of planes in NetJet’s fleet of more than 600 aircraft and sells flight time in 25-hour blocks to Marquis members; hours flown are deducted from the card’s balance. Because of the popularity of the Cessna Citation V, you can purchase cards for that aircraft in units of 50, 75, and 100 hours as well as 25.

The program includes a number of attractive perks. For example, Marquis cardholders receive discounts and other benefits from Exclusive Resorts (see “Destination Clubs,” page 222), and they receive complimentary nights, rounds of golf, and spa treatments at Sea Island resort in Georgia. They also gain special access to sales and other programs of Sotheby’s auction house.

As with NetJets ownership, a Marquis cardholder’s choice of aircraft is guaranteed ready to fly within 12 hours of booking, and in the rare case when a NetJets aircraft is not available, Marquis will provide a plane from NetJets subsidiary charter company Executive Jet Management or will offer a complimentary upgrade to a larger aircraft. Safety operations extend to the NetJets Flight Center, where in-house meteorologists provide constant updates and chief pilots closely manage flight operations, monitoring everything from fuel requirements to FAA notices to runway conditions.

Prices for 25 hours of flight time range from about $116,000 for a seven-passenger Citation V Ultra to about $320,000 for a 13-passenger Gulfstream G450. Marquis also maintains a 100-person membership program called the M Club that gives customers access to the 18-passenger Boeing Business Jet; the program applies an introductory fee of $125,000 against flight hours at rates beginning at $13,000 per hour.

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