Best of the Best 2011: Business Aircraft: UltraLong-Range: Bombardier Global Express XRS

t 8.3 feet wide and 48.4 feet long, the cabin of the Bombardier Global Express XRS (514.861.9481, www.bombardier.com) is spacious enough for many owners to justify any additional operating cost associated with the jet’s size, according to Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member Bill Quinn. “If cabin size and long-range performance are what’s needed,” he says, “then the Global Express XRS is ideal.” The $53.25 million aircraft can be configured with a private stateroom aft. The cabin also can include work areas, a fully equipped galley, and seating for as many as 19 passengers. Two powerful Rolls-Royce engines move the jet at speeds as fast as 587 mph and distances as great as 7,000 miles nonstop (when cruising at 561 mph).

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