Best of the Best 2011: Business Aircraft: UltraLong-Range: Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 (912.965.3000, www.gulfstream.com) is the quintessential globe-hopping business jet. Through extra-large windows, light fills the aircraft’s big cabin, which, at more than 7 feet wide and nearly 44 feet long, easily accommodates as many as 18 passengers. Besides comfort and productivity—a typical cabin configuration with four distinct living areas provides ample spaces to work or rest—the jet also offers value. For a client who often flies between New York and Japan, Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member Peter Agur calculated the G550’s operating costs versus those of a smaller jet. “The G550 is so efficient,” he says, “that, despite its size, it was 8 percent less expensive and even saved two hours of time.” The $59.8 million G550 can fly nearly 7,000 miles nonstop when carrying eight passengers, and it has a normal cruise speed of 561 mph.

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