Best of the Best 2012: Business Aircraft: Large: Bombardier Global 5000

Photo ©Paul Bowen Photography Inc.

For globe-trotting passengers, a roomy and comfortable cabin is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. The cabin of the $49.1 million Bombardier Global 5000 (514.861.9481, www.bombardier.com) offers 8 feet of shoulder space and 6 feet 3 inches of headroom. The cabin, which has a capacity of 17 passengers, includes, in all configurations, a separate space aft for work or rest that has its own entertainment system and temperature controls. Cruising at 562 mph, the jet travels 9,630 miles without having to refuel, thus it can bring passengers just about anywhere in the world with one stopover or none. The Global 5000 is also versatile enough to land at and take off from airports with short runways.

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