The Blade App Now Lets New Yorkers Charter Helicopter Flights to Local Airports

Building on the success of its chartered flights to the Hamptons, Blade now offers trips to more destinations…

Blade, a mobile app that won fans last year for its easy helicopter trips from Manhattan to the Hamptons, is now offering trips to local airports. Travelers can book a six-seat copter for $895 to Newark Liberty International Airport (six minutes) or JFK (four minutes). A four-minute flight to Teterboro Airport goes for $895, while White Plains Airport—popular for corporate jet travel—can be reached in 12 minutes for the price of $1,350. All flights launch from the Blade Lounge at the East 34th Street Heliport or the West 30th Street Heliport. Trips also can be chartered to the casino Mohegan Sun in nearby Connecticut for $3,450.

For the Hamptons trips, the Blade app makes it easy to either hitch a ride in a spare seat or book your own flight and then crowd-source the empty seats to bring down the price. Flights go for $3,150 for all six seats or $575 for an open seat. Plan ahead if you have baggage—Blade allows just one small carry-on per person. Blade does not operate the helicopters, but partners with Liberty Helicopters and other certificated operators. No contracts or membership fees are required—the free app makes it easy and quick to book a flight or a seat from your phone.


However, not every New Yorker is happy about making it easier and cheaper to travel by helicopter. Last summer, residents of the Hamptons said air traffic was up by 40 percent, and they have lobbied the Federal Aviation Administration to do something about the noise. (flyblade.com)

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