Blink, or You’ll Miss It

Blink, an air-taxi service in Europe using a fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang four-passenger jets, is now the first operator of its kind to offer a frequent-flyer program. Ten percent of the value of every flight goes into the passenger’s account, and the credit can be applied to any future flight. Blink launched in June 2008 and grew faster than expected as companies effected by the global economy downsized from bigger corporate charter jets. The nimble little Mustangs can fly into local airports, avoiding the crowds and delays of the hubs, and they are fast and reliable. Comfortable club seating provides productive meeting space en route. Pricing packages vary, with fixed rates for frequent flyers or ad hoc pay-as-you-go schemes that are cheaper the farther out you plan. (+44 (0)20 7199 1400, www.flyblink.com )

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