Boeing Reveals Plans to Build the World’s Largest Twin-Engine Jet

The manufacturer will offer two versions of the jet, one seating up to 375 and the other up to 425…

Long recognized for its innovation, Boeing has unveiled a new airplane concept that will surely take the company to new heights.

The Boeing 777X, a commercial jetliner that builds upon the success of the 777, will be the largest twin-engine jet made by Boeing. Two variations—the 777-8 and the 777-9—will be sold, both of which include large windows, a wide cabin, new lighting setups, and wingspans of 235 feet. Seating up to 375 passengers, the 777-8 has a range of 10,012 miles. And the 777-9, which can seat up to 425 passengers, has a range of 8,745 miles. Private clients who purchase a green plane will have plenty of space to outfit it with lavish custom interiors and designs. The 777-8 will cost $371 million, while the 777-9 will cost $400 million. (boeing.com)

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