Best of the Best 2016: Business Jets | Super Midsize: Bombardier Challenger 350

Compared to its predecessor—the Challenger 300—this jet features improved avionics and powerful engines... 

“This next generation of an already very successful Challenger 300 product line features well-thought-out enhancements. The fact that NetJets and Flexjet have made the Challenger 350 a major portion of their fleet upgrades speaks to the capabilities and strengths of the aircraft.” —H. Lee Rohde III

“Since its inception in the early 2000s, the Challenger has been a category leader. It has a great cabin and excellent speed, runway performance, and range for its class.” —Kevin O’Leary

“Great cabin, performance, and operating economics for the price.” —William Quinn Jr.

  • Compared to its predecessor—the Challenger 300—this jet features improved avionics, more powerful engines, winglets that enhance fuel efficiency, and a more comfortable cabin. 
  • The Challenger 350’s range and cruising speed enable it to fly eight people from New York to London in a little over 6.5 hours.
  • The cabin can be configured to accommodate eight to 10 passengers, and it is furnished with seats that recline fully. 
  • The cabin’s entertainment and communications system includes two 22-inch monitors attached to the bulkheads and ports for syncing the system with laptops and phones. 
  • Bombardier delivered 68 examples of the Challenger 350 in 2015, making it the year’s second most-delivered business jet.

Bombardier, businessaircraft.bombardier.com ($26.7 million)

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