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Bombardier Introduces Two New Long-Range Business Jets and Announces Range Increase for 7500

The Global 5500 and Global 6500 will join the ultralong-range Global 7500, formerly known as the Global 7000.

Bombardier G6500 Photo: courtesy Bombardier

Bombardier is adding two new long-range models to its business jet fleet and renaming the Global 7000, the forthcoming ultralong-range model that can fly even farther than the company expected.

The Global 5500 and Global 6500 are essentially enhanced and updated versions of the Global 5000 and Global 6000, offering additional range and more efficient fuel burn. According to Bombardier, the range for the 5500 will be just under 6,560 miles, and for the 6500, it will be 7,595. The ranges for the new models are 575 miles and 690 miles greater than those of the Global 5000 and Global 6000, respectively. The 5500 will be able to fly nonstop from São Paulo, Brazil, to Paris and from Moscow to Los Angeles; the 6500 will connect Hong Kong or Singapore to London.

In addition to the extra range, the 5500 and 6500 will offer as much as 13 percent better fuel efficiency than their predecessors, according to Bombardier. Each aircraft will have a top speed of 594 mph (Mach 0.90) and will feature the smooth ride that is a hallmark of the Global models. They also will be agile enough to access airports such as London City, which is conveniently located but requires a steep descent and takeoff.

Bombardier expects both models to enter service at the end of 2019. The 5500 is priced at $46 million and the 6500 at $56 million.

The 5500 and 6500 will be furnished with Bombardier’s new Nuage seats, and they will mark the debut of the Nuage chaise, a lounge chair that converts into a flat surface for sleeping or for banquet-style dining at a table.

Bombardier Global 7500

The Global 7000 has been renamed the Global 7500 after its extended range was announced.  Photo: courtesy Bombardier

The Nuage seat will launch with the Global 7500, formerly known as the Global 7000, which is expected to enter service later this year. Bombardier rebranded the aircraft so that it aligns better with the 5500 and 6500. The higher number also reflects the additional range that the aircraft demonstrated during test flights. Originally, its projected range was 8,516 miles. Now it’s 8,861 miles. Both are unprecedented for a business jet. The 7500 will be able to fly nonstop from New York to Hong Kong and from Singapore to San Francisco.

Though its range has increased, the 7500’s price has not. It remains $72.8 million.

The 7500 will have a maximum cruising speed of 610 mph (Mach 0.925), and like the 5500 and 6500, it will be agile enough to access London City Airport.

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