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This New Lighting System Combats Jet Lag Onboard the Global 7500

Developed for Bombardier's Global 7500 long-range business jet, the Soleil lighting system is aviation’s first circadian-rhythm-based cabin lighting technology.

Bombardier Global 7500 Soleil Lighting System Courtesy of Bombardier

At a key intersection on the floor of the Milken Institute 2019 Global Conference at the Beverly Hilton, we sat in Bombardier‘s mock-up of the Global 7500 business jet, as the world’s movers and shakers walked by. The purpose of this visit was to try out Bombardier’s proprietary Soleil lighting system, which comes standard on the new Global 7500.

Aiming to combat jet lag on long-distance flights, Soleil’s Dynamic Daylight Simulation uses specific combinations of red- and blue-light wavelengths that suppress or stimulate melatonin, affecting sleep cycles. The Soleil lighting system, designed and developed for the Global 7500, taps into passengers’ innate circadian rhythm to influence how much rest or how much productivity a passenger gets over the course of their flight. Built right into the nice Touch cabin management system, Soleil automatically calculates the optimal sleep/wake cycle based on the flight’s destination, ensuring that passengers are as in sync as possible upon arrival.

The Soleil system can also be programmed to schedule the best time for meal service, based on flight origination and destination, allowing the cabin crew to plan effectively. Considering that the Global 7500 is a long-range jet, flying between such destinations as San Francisco and Singapore or New York and Hong Kong, the Soleil lighting system is a bonus for beating jet lag on those long flights.

Bombardier Global 7500 Soleil Lighting System

Bombardier Global 7500’s Soleil lighting system is set to “Morning Relax.”  Courtesy of Bombardier

“We’re pleased to showcase the innovative Soleil lighting system on the Global 7500 aircraft,” said Peter Likoray, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “The Global 7500 jet is the world’s longest-range purpose-built business aircraft with an unrivaled cabin experience. Along with the aircraft’s master suite with a full bed, stand-up shower and exceptionally smooth ride, the Soleil lighting system helps passengers arrive at their destination feeling more rested and refreshed.”

Because the system can be controlled by the nice Touch popup dial with OLED display at each seat (and bed), everyone can control how much sleep or productivity he or she gets on the flight. For those who would rather power through and finish up a presentation, keeping the blue/morning light on will help with focus and productivity. For those who would rather get as much sleep as possible, tuning the lights to the red/relax light will help with rest and ZZZs. The lighting—and the cabin system—can also be adjusted via the suite controller touch panel and the nice Touch app. It can also just be left with the presets that the cabin management system automatically calculate with the flight plan.

Bombardier Global 7500 Soleil Lighting System

The “Early Evening” setting stimulates melatonin production, to get passengers ready for sleep.  Courtesy of Bombardier

All zones of the aircraft can be controlled separately—the bedroom aft, the media lounge, the main cabin, the crew rest room and the cockpit—so not everyone has to have lights out when it’s time to sleep.

Sitting in the mockup with the hubbub of the global conference just outside, I sat in the comfy leather Nuage chair as Tim Fagan, Bombardier’s industrial design manager, dialed us into Evening mode. As the red lights started to take over the blues, I could feel myself relaxing, right on cue. I’ve asked for one for home.

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