Celebrate New Years’ Twice with a Private Jet Charter

You work hard so that you can enjoy the finer things in life. Presidential Aviation, a leader in luxury travel, knows the perfect way to ring in this New Year and celebrate all you’ve accomplished – not once, but twice.

New Year’s Eve is the best party of the year, no matter which city, state, country, or continent you’re in. But with the speed and convenience of a private jet charter, you can partake in this party twice by essentially traveling backwards across the International Date Line.

Enjoy any of the below example itineraries or craft one of your own to do just that.

Sydney, Australia to Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re going to really enjoy the biggest party of the year, you may as well go big. We suggest you begin the party in Sydney, Australia then fly to Las Vegas, Nevada to start the party over. Both destinations offer ample opportunities to ring in the new year in style.

With a 19-hour time difference between the two locales, you’ll have plenty of time to rejuvenate between destinations. A private jet charter allow you the opportunity to rest comfortably throughout your flight.

Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles

Who doesn’t want a little glam and glitz on New Year’s Eve? Few cities in the world offer the degree of glitz and glam you can find in LA and New Year’s Eve is no exception. On the other hand, Auckland, which is the second time zone to welcome in the new year, offers a different kind of glamor to enjoy. Consider taking a harbor cruise where you can enjoy first rate viewing of the world-renowned New Year’s Eve Auckland Sky Tower fireworks display.

Tokyo, Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii

Tokyo is 19 hours ahead of Honolulu when it comes to time on the clock, and an under 10 hours flight away by long-range private jet. This means you can grab a nice nap on your private chartered jet, and hit the beach for a bit before celebrating the New Year, a second time, in style.

Visit the Samoan Islands

Not only can you celebrate two birthdays and two anniversaries on the same date while visiting the Samoan Island chain, but you can celebrate New Year’s Eve on two separate days too.

The distance between Samoa and American Samoa is minimal in miles. But there is a 25-hour time difference between them, with Samoa being 25 hours ahead of American Samoa. This means you can enjoy the full force of New Year’s Eve festivities two days in a row without breaking a sweat. In fact, you can even enjoy a full eight-hours (or more) of sleep in between the two parties so that you’re well-rested and refreshed.

Choose Your Own New Year’s Eve Adventure

You don’t have to stick with any of these itineraries, though they are among the simplest to accommodate. You could also choose to fly from Sydney to Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Honolulu.

Use the Time and Date countdown calculator to learn when year 2015 starts around the world, and get creative! Find the locations that appeal to you the most, considering time differences and flight times of course, and Presidential Aviation will work to make it happen for you.

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