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Charter Jet Booking Platform JetSmarter Debuts Pay-As-You-Go Plan

You can now use JetSmarter to book private flights or seats on flights without paying membership fees.

JetSmarter Photo: Courtesy JetSmarter

Private aviation firm JetSmarter has introduced a new pay-as-you-go program that it hopes will attract an even wider pool of fliers to chartered air travel. Since its debut in 2012, the company’s mobile flight booking service was membership based, with customers paying a one-time initiation fee along with an additional annual fee. Now, the company has opened its services up to the public by launching a pay-as-you-go plan.

The new plan will grant customers the ability to book seats on flights that have already been arranged or initiate their own flight, which can be fully booked for a private journey or opened up to fliers interested in purchasing excess seats—saving the flight planner thousands of dollars. This crowdsourcing of flights reduces costs for both the person chartering the flight and whoever is able to book seats on it. Plus, as the community using the service grows larger, there will naturally be a commensurate increase in the routes being flown and the frequency of flights, making the service more convenient for all users.

Even though non-members will now have the chance to arrange and join flights, members still plenty of advantages. In addition to discounted pricing on flights, they also have booking priority over non-members, skipping them to the front of the line when arranging a flight or trying to book spare seats on preexisting flights. Members also have access to a 24/7 concierge service, special members-only events, and benefits from JetSmarter’s network of luxury partners.

To become a member, you must pay a one-time $3,000 initiation fee and $4,950 a year for an individual plan or $9,950 a year for a four-person family plan. However, if you’re interested in taking advantage of JetSmarter’s new pay-as-you-go plan, all you need to do is download the free JetSmarter app from the Google Play store or the iOS App Store.

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