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This New Website Uses an Algorithm to Find You the Best Private Jet Program

For more than a million newcomers entering private aviation, one website hopes to become the digital matchmaker for thousands of cards and charter programs.

A new website in private aviation helps newcomers find jet cards Courtesy Adobe Stock

A new website called PrivateJetCost.com promises to serve as a digital matchmaker between users of private aircraft and operators. The company says it’s the “first and only statistical analysis system” that uses a proprietary algorithm to help both newcomers and experienced fliers find the best jet card or ownership program for their specific needs.

According to recent calculations from Magellan Jets, private aviation will see more than 1.6 million first-time fliers this year. The Boston-based firm expects about 1.2 million to be permanent users. Many have been navigating unfamiliar territory by trying to find the best jet card or membership program among the 3,500-plus programs from more than 2,000 FAA-certified private-aircraft operators in the US.

“We understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the myriad of private jet travel options, from charters, jet cards, fractional ownership and whole ownership,” said Bryan Wilks, founder of Freeform, which set up the platform. “Through our proprietary technology, and deeply integrated industry research, users can now explore our customized aviation filter and download our free resources to access curated options and various comparative competitive grids to fit their individual needs.”

A new website in private aviation helps newcomers find jet cards

According to some estimates, more than 1.6 million people have entered private aviation since the Covid-19 pandemic started in March.  Courtesy Citation Jets

Wilks says the new website uses more than “1,000 unique combinations” that include the flier’s city of origin, destinations, aircraft size and range requirements, planned usage, budget, and tax benefits to come up with a shortlist. Freeform, an Inc. 500 digital marketing technology company, has developed similar websites for companies in other industries, including the global investment firm KKR, The Crosby Group, Academy Sports and Argonaut Private Equity.

Wilks says Freeform will continue to collect the latest data on aviation safety standards, program costs and other factors, updating the website as industry trends change. The company has also developed a “Partner program” that matches all approved operators with people who log onto the site.

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