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Cirrus Services Gives Jet Owners the VIP Treatment

The facility will offer VR training so you can learn how not to crash your jet virtually before taking it to the skies.

Cirrus SR22 Photo: courtesy Cirrus

Owning a personal aircraft can be very rewarding, providing access to thousands of small airports as well as fantastic views, scheduling flexibility, and the sheer fun of flying. But owning an airplane can also be a lot of work, requiring reams of paperwork and routine maintenance that can’t be neglected. Cirrus Aircraft, well-known for its top-of-the-line small piston planes and personal jet, all with built-in parachutes, now aims to make it easy to be an aircraft owner, with its new Cirrus Services division.

The new division will “make owning a Cirrus rewarding, safe and simple for a lifetime,” says Todd Simmons, Cirrus’s president of customer experience. The company has debuted a new Vision Center campus, in Knoxville, Tennessee, that will “create a world-class ownership experience” for the company’s 7,000 aircraft owners, Simmons said. Programs now in development at the Campus will aim to provide one-stop-shopping for everything a pilot/owner would need through years of ownership—aircraft maintenance, record management, replacement parts, upgrades, and more.

The company has already opened a new Flight Training Center at the site, complete with a full-motion simulator for Vision Jet training. All kinds of maneuvers can be practiced in the simulator, and with no jet fuel burning and no risk of a crash, students and instructors can explore the full range of flight scenarios, producing better-trained, safer pilots.

The Center will also work to create a seamless experience for aircraft owners through a network of authorized service and training partners across the globe. Cirrus has delivered nearly 7,000 of its high-performance piston aircraft worldwide. Deliveries of the all-new single-engine Vision Jet began this year, and the company has about 600 orders in hand. The Jet has a range of up to 1,380 miles and can fly up to 345 mph. It seats five adults plus two children, in a premium leather interior with extra-large windows, and sells for about $2 million.

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