Cirrus SR22

For the last eight out of nine years since its introduction, the Cirrus SR22 (218.529.7292, www.cirrusaircraft.com) has dominated every other single-piston aircraft on the market in terms of sales. An aircraft of such acclaim does not rise to this level of popularity without continually incorporating new trends and technology. The SR22—with its optional Turbo, X Edition, and Known Ice Protection upgrades—has proved to be the adaptive, resilient bird that continues to meet the industry’s ever-changing demands.

The SR22 is the most capable single-piston transport on the market, providing its pilot and three passengers with the highest levels of efficiency, safety, and comfort. Turbocharging increases speed at high altitudes; a “weeping wing” ice-protection system improves wintertime dispatch rates; and the X Edition package offers buyers a slew of interior and exterior upgrades aimed at enhancing style and comfort. A top-of-the-line, fully equipped SR22 GTS sells for just under $700,000.

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