CitationAir’s Five-Hour Jet Card for the Holidays

Give the gift of private travel this holiday season, with the newest offering from private air travel provider CitationAir, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cessna Aircraft. A first for the Greenwich, Conn.–based company, the CitationAir 5 Hour Jet Card grants holders five hours of flight time aboard any of the aircraft in CitationAir’s fleet, which include the CJ3, XLS, Sovereign, and X models in Cessna’s Citation family of jets. The card also gives newcomers to private air travel a chance to experience the convenience of traveling with CitationAir, as well as the company’s impeccable service and reliability, without having to make a major financial commitment. The limited-edition card is available only until the end of 2011 and starts at $31,145, an all-inclusive price that includes five hours of private flight aboard a Citation CJ3, plus all fees and taxes. (877.692.4828, www.citationair.com)

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