This Custom Boeing 777 Is a Flying Casino

The space, complete with gaming tables and a bar, is meant to foster passenger interactions…

Custom interiors are not only for private-jet owners; AirJet Designs has imagined a concept for a casino that could be featured on airliners and private jets. The design, based on the Boeing 777 interior, provokes airline operators and charter companies to think about providing what Jean-Pierre Alfano, founder and creative director at AirJet, calls “new social travel experiences for the long-haul traveler.”

The luxury lounge features casino games tables and bar service, with space for passengers to move around, relax, and mingle. “During its golden age, aircraft travel was also a social experience, where people could meet and share an experience together,” says Alfano. “The casino jet lounge aims to bring back this atmosphere.”


Produced in collaboration with Designescence, the design was first introduced about two years ago to inspire design choices for client projects. Certain aspects of the design are being incorporated into current projects. AirJet is based in Toulouse, France. (airjet-designs.com)

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