Customize Your Own Personal Helicopter

Helicopter enthusiasts with a propensity for the posh will be delighted…

Helicopter enthusiasts with a propensity for the posh will be delighted by the MAGnificent interiors from Mecaer Aviation Group for the Bell 525 Relentless twin helicopter. Unveiled as a full-size mock-up at the Monaco Yacht Show in September, the highly customizable interior allows each owner to create a one-of-a-kind cabin. Customers can personalize the high-end helicopter’s interior from start to finish by choosing from a variety of layouts, seating configurations, and furnishings.

In addition, several other onboard features guarantee a VIP flight. The elegant entertainment lounge (which showcases working Wi-Fi, maps, audio/video, and light controls) can be conveniently controlled by paired smart devices or smartwatches. Window controls that switch from clear to full tint are also controlled by smart devices or smartwatches. The special Speech Interference Level Enhanced Noise System (SILENS) interior panel results in a remarkably quiet interior. And there’s plenty of room for baggage in storage cabinets that retract into the console. Prices are available upon request. (bellhelicopter.com)


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