Dassault Reveals New Falcon 6X Jet

The Falcon 6X replaces the Falcon 5X business jet, which stalled last year.

The long-awaited Falcon 5X business jet that was abandoned late last year by Dassault Aviation now has an official successor, the 6X. The new model was announced in late February. The 6X, which will have more range and more cabin space than the 5X, will first fly in early 2021 and start deliveries the following year, Dassault said. The new jet will fly at speeds up to Mach 0.90 and travel up to 6,300 miles nonstop. That’s enough range to connect Los Angeles to Geneva, Beijing to San Francisco, or Moscow to Singapore.

The 5X program stalled when the jet’s all-new Snecma Silvercrest engines failed to meet target dates for development. The 6X will be powered instead by the new PW812D PurePower engine, a variant of the PW800 engine by Pratt & Whitney Canada, a tried-and-true design. The PW812D incorporates new technologies that deliver improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and less noise, according to P&WC. The low vibration levels result in a quieter cabin for a more comfortable passenger experience. The new engine variant is ready to fly and is scheduled to enter service soon on other aircraft.

The 40-foot-long cabin in the 6X will offer 6.5 feet of headroom and stretches 7 feet wide. The jet cruises at up to 41,100 feet, but cabin altitude never exceeds 3,900 feet, ensuring premium comfort for travelers. A state-of-the-art air circulation system provides the cabin with totally fresh air every few minutes. Twenty-eight big windows plus a skylight provide ample light and panoramic views. Soundproofing enables passengers to enjoy conversation at normal levels. The jet sells for about $47 million.

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