East Meets West in This Incredible Private Jumbo Jet Interior

A lavishly designed cabin includes a sushi bar, silk wallpaper, a library, and more…

HAECO Private Jet Solutions, part of Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO), has partnered with an international fashion brand (whose name has not been disclosed) to release a turnkey interior, based on an Airbus A330-200 jumbo jet cabin (named for its nearly 200 feet in length). The design is versatile, however, and can be adapted for any wide-body personal jet.

Infused with Eastern flair, the design features a sushi bar and hand-painted silk wallpaper with bamboo and dragon motifs. Lightweight lattice framework also divides the cabin into designated areas for dining and lounging, while providing the illusion of added spaciousness. Other features promising in-flight luxury include a library, a private bedroom, and a full en-suite bath. HAECO has not disclosed the price for its turnkey jet interior. A private Airbus A300-200 jumbo jet starts at $229 million. (haeco.com)


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