Embraer Moves Forward with Legacy 450 and 500

With airplane sales lagging, many manufacturers have slowed down development of new models, but Embraer is forging ahead with its Legacy 450 and 500 projects. The company, based in Brazil, has started to build parts for the two prototypes, while continuing to conduct market research and refine its designs. The mid-light 450 will fly more than 2,600 miles, while the midsize 500 will fly more than 3,400 miles for coast-to-coast capability. Both jets will feature fly-by-wire flight controls and flat-floor stand-up cabins with room for up to nine passengers. The Legacy 500 is expected to fly for the first time by the end of 2011, with the 450 taking off about a year later. (954.359.3700, www.embraer.com)

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