Embraer’s Beautiful Kyoto Airship Is a Window into the Future of Private Flight

Oversized windows and a luxe layout will give passengers a pampered perspective on air travel…

With Embraer’s Kyoto Airship project, the sumptuous surroundings of lavish retreats and luxury yachts may soon be de rigueur in the rarified air of private jet travel. Envisioned for the Embraer Lineage 1000E aircraft, the innovative interior includes ubiquitous body-length windows arcing 180 degrees around the fuselage, a lounge-style layout, spa-inspired bathroom, and a distinctively Japanese aesthetic—all customized to the lifestyle of the client.


Drawing from its understanding of maritime patrol aircraft and the constraints intrinsic with traveling at a speed of Mach .8 (609 mph), the executive jet company set out to challenge convention and stir up the staid passenger experience. The result of a unique collaboration between Embraer’s vice president of interior design Jay Beever, yacht designer Patrick Knowles, and Boat International, the cabin concept creates a flow of space that is more nautical in nature. Eschewing linear, forward-faced seating, for example, the configuration emphasizes comfort and mobility complemented by amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, master bedroom suite, and an entertainment system rivaling those found in any home—but then again, the Kyoto Airship has been conceived to be a refined fixed-wing residence. (embraerexecutivejets.com)

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