Embraer’s Legacy 650 Good to Go

Embraer started deliveries of its latest executive jet, the Legacy 650, last November, when the first of the fleet joined a charter operation in the United Kingdom. The large-category jet offers the same roomy three-zone cabin as the older 600 model, but new Rolls-Royce engines and enhanced aerodynamics boost fuel efficiency. With its range extended to 3,900 nautical miles, the 650 can fly nonstop from New York to London or Dubai to Singapore. Upgraded cabin systems minimize noise and provide full Internet access, and new cockpit technology enables the crew to fly more efficient routes while minimizing workload and fatigue. The 650 seats up to 14 passengers, and sells for $30.24 million. (954.359.3700, www.embraerexecutivejets.com)

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