Falcon 2000S: Large Cabin, Midsize Price

Dassault Falcon, based in Geneva, unveiled the Falcon 2000S with the goal of creating a full-size Falcon with a midsize price ideally suited for an eight-hour flight. With a target price of under $25 million and efficient operating costs, plus a spacious cabin, the jet promises to be a strong competitor. New inboard wing slats and high-Mach blended winglets enhance aerodynamic efficiency, so the 2000S can get in and out of small, convenient airports like London City. The all-new luxe interior by BMW Group DesignworksUSA provides the latest in connectivity and comfort for up to 10 passengers, plus a choice of three color schemes. Deliveries are scheduled to start in early 2013. (201.440.6700, www.falcon2000s.com)

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