Fly Around the World, With Concierge Service

A private aircraft provides efficient transportation for business trips and weekend getaways, but what about a dream trip, like flying to Alaska, South America, or even around the world? The logistics alone can be daunting enough to keep many pilots closer to home, but there’s another option: Air Journey, which has specialized in aviation adventure travel for 10 years. The company, which provides concierge service and custom trip planning as well as escorted tours to many destinations, now also offers a round-the-world trip. The 10-week global tour comes complete with an escort and 24/7 backup from the company’s base in Florida. Travelers stay in deluxe hotels and resorts in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Air Journey takes care of all the flight planning, paperwork, and anything else your airplane or your traveling companions need along the way. Base cost of the 2009 round-the-world journey is $68,750 per person, plus aircraft fees, fuel, and other expenses. (561.452.1225, www.airjourney.com)

—Mary Grady

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