Fly Door to Dock in a New Super Goose

Cross a yacht with an RV and add wings, and you’d have something close to the Grumman Goose. This twin-engine flying boat can take off or land from a paved runway, a grass strip, or water as shallow as three feet. The design is more than 70 years old, but Antilles Seaplanes, based in North Carolina, is now building brand-new copies of this classic. Upgrades include turboprop engines, state-of-the art avionics, modernized systems, and quick-change interiors to accommodate passengers or cargo. Antilles’ G-21 Super Goose can haul 5,500 pounds and fly at 230 mph for almost 1,400 miles. The roomy cabin holds up to eight. Priced at about $3 million, Antilles is taking orders now for delivery in late 2009. (800.605.1619, www.antillesseaplanes.com)

Mary Grady


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