Four-Seat Cirrus Now Ready for Five

Cirrus personal airplanes are known for their roomy interior comfort, and now the 2012 edition provides an even more spacious backseat for up to three passengers. Tweaks to the interior side panels in the SR20, SR22, and SR22 Turbo models expanded the elbow room, and a lightweight seat design makes the most of the available space. The cabin isn’t meant to accommodate five full-size adults, but a mix of adults and children can work within the load limitations, so Cirrus now provides five sets of over-the-shoulder seat belts and five headphone jacks. A new restraint system for child seats meets federal auto standards, a first for personal aircraft. Two adults sharing the backseat will find room to spare. The new seat reclines and features a 60-40 fold-down back for flexible access to the rear cargo space. The lighter seat also frees up 10 extra pounds for the aircraft’s useful load, so pilots can carry more gear or add more fuel for longer legs. With all the top-shelf options, the 2012 SR22T sells for $709,000. (800.279.4322,

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