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Why eVTOL Start-Ups and Automakers Are Teaming Up Like Never Before

From Joby Aviation to Porsche, the motorized collaborations trade cash and tech for a glimpse into advanced designs.

Volocopter 4-Seater VoloConnect Volocopter

Carmakers and futuristic eVTOL aircraft sound like an odd match. But the gold rush towards the new era of aviation will necessitate building these electric aircraft at automotive scale to meet forecasted demand in 10 years. That’s why automobile manufacturers and eVTOL developers are pairing up now, like high-school seniors at the prom. Beyond credibility, the aviation start-ups are getting cash investments from the carmakers as well as technology and advice on how to build at automotive scale.

On their side, the auto marques are learning more about advanced composites and aerodynamics as they try to explore getting into this new niche. “Almost everyone has some sort of automobile partner, whether directly investing them, or helping them with operations,” Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu told Robb Report. “The main reason is operational prowess, meaning that automakers are very good at making stuff consistently at high volume, and they have a supply chain that is very deep and diverse.” Below are some of the dance partners and the projected numbers for eVTOL growth.

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