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Yes, Flying Cars Are Coming. Here Are 7 That Are Hitting the Skies Soon.

The flying car has been a fantasy since the 1960s cartoon, "The Jetsons." These companies are now planning to turn the concept into reality in the next few years.

These 7 flying cars will change transportation in urban areas. Courtesy Samson Sky

It may not be long before you can look up to the skies and see cars flying overhead. Companies around the world are trying to solve the problem of urban congestion by lifting travelers above the traffic. Plus, it’s just a cool way to travel.

One firm in Florida already has a flying car on the market and three others are close to ushering their concepts into production. Most will require a standard driver’s license and some type of drone or pilot’s license.

Unlike eVTOLs, flying cars actually fit into existing regulatory structures. According to Dr. Kyriakos Kourousis, program director at the University of Limerick program in airworthiness and fellow at the Royal Aeronautical Society: “The market could be bigger than that corresponding to ultralight/light and general aviation aircraft.” That translates to thousands of flying cars.

Several of the vehicles will be sold as kits, which makes for easier approval under FAA regulatory structures. Though years away, the eventual plan for many is to go fully autonomous when in flight mode.

Until then, however, owners will be responsible for driving and flying. Which is the whole point, really. Otherwise, where’s the fun?

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