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These 7 eVTOLs Will Be Flying in the Next Two Years

Most of these electric air taxis are being flight tested, preparing for the first revolution in air travel since the commercial jet.

Seven new EVTOLs that could flying in the next two years. Courtesy eHang

With the potential to have a much larger fleet than commercial airlines, eVTOLs represent the next frontier in air travel: fully electric air taxis and private sky limos that can take off and land from vertiports in congested cities, or travel from private airports across regions faster than a train.

The advanced air mobility (AAM) sector is heating up quickly, with funding accelerating by the year. In 2021, investors poured $6.9 billion into more than 60 eVTOL deals, compared to just $1 billion three years earlier. With many startups going public, and automakers and commercial airlines signing on as partners, the sector is on a fast track towards certification. Public anticipation is high around the world, according to a recent survey by McKinsey & Company, particularly in commuter-hell supercities.

How and where the aircraft will be flown are still not clear, and widespread adoption isn’t expected for another decade. But manufacturers are rushing headlong to complete flight tests and certify their aircraft to move towards commercial service.

Two years ago, air taxis still sounded like 1960s sci-fi, but the eVTOL world is on track to become reality. Here are seven models slated to take off by 2025.

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