Glass Panels for Legacy Citations

Older aircraft are a bargain these days, but if the cockpit panel has old-style “steam gauge” instruments, it can be a challenge to upgrade to today’s fully integrated all-glass computerized gear. It will soon be easier, however, for owners of older Cessna Citation jets.

Innovative Solutions & Support is now flight-testing its AdViz system for certification in Cessna Citation 500/501, 550/551, S550, 560, and 650 aircraft. The upgrade is lighter and more reliable than standard instruments and provides access to the latest navigational aids such as real-time weather and electronic charts. The AdViz system will initially be available for purchase through the nine Cessna-owned Citation Service Centers and will later be distributed through the Cessna authorized network.(610.646.0394, 877.ADVIZ.65, www.innovative-ss.com)

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