Greenpoint Delivers the World’s First Private 747-8 Interior

Finished in December, the project took three years to complete…

Boeing’s largest passenger jet, the 747-8 can carry more than 450 passengers in a cabin 20 feet wide and more than 200 feet long. Using this massive space as a canvas, Greenpoint Technologies, based in Kirkland, Wash., recently completed work on a 747-8 with a VIP interior for a private owner.

This is the first jet of its kind to be outfitted for personal use, and Greenpoint has released few details about it, declining to name the client or provide photos of the finished product. But the company has released some conceptual renderings that suggest what the interior might be like, showing a dining room, two spacious lounge areas, a master bedroom suite, a guest bedroom, and office space. The project, which was completed in December, took three years.

Greenpoint has also installed Aeroloft facilities in several charter and corporate 747-8 jets. The Aeroloft comprises a stairway, a lounge, and eight sleeping berths that can be installed above the main deck in the aft section of the aircraft. An optional Aerolift elevator for up to four passengers is also available.

The 747-8 can travel up to 9,200 miles nonstop at a cruise speed of nearly 600 mph (Mach 0.85) and can lift almost 1 million pounds. It is priced at about $358 million. Greenpoint has not disclosed how much its client paid for the interior work. (greenpoint.com)

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