The Gulfstream G650ER Business Jet Circles the Globe

The extended-range aircraft’s circumnavigation required just one stop and set two speed records...

A Gulfstream G650ER—the extended-range version of Gulfstream’s popular top-of-the-line G650 business jet—recently completed a global circumnavigation in about 25 hours, stopping only once to refuel. During the trip, the aircraft set two city-pair speed records—from White Plains, N.Y., to Beijing, and from Beijing to the Gulfstream headquarters in Savannah, Ga.



The jet took off from White Plains with three passengers and four crew, traveling east to take advantage of prevailing westerly winds. It flew across the Atlantic and over Europe and Asia, then, after 13 hours and 20 minutes aloft, landed in Beijing. Once refueled, the jet continued on to cross the Pacific and North America, landing in Savannah 12 hours later. Both legs were completed with fuel remaining in excess of standard reserves.

The Gulfstream G650ER, which started deliveries last November, cruises at nearly 600 mph (Mach 0.85) and can carry an extra 4,000 pounds of fuel compared to the G650. Current G650 owners can have their jet converted to a G650ER for about $2 million. The top-of-the-line jets feature a cabin nearly 47 feet long, with space for up to 18 passengers. A new G650ER sells for a starting price of about $66.5 million. (gulfstream.com)

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