Gulfstream Unveils Its Ultrafast G500 and G600 Business Jets

The new jets will have spacious cabins and will be among the fastest on the market…

Gulfstream Aerospace introduced two all-new business jets in mid-October in a surprise ceremony at its production plant in Savannah, Ga. The Gulfstream G500 and G600 jets aim to provide speed and operating efficiency, plus wide-cabin comfort. Both airplanes can cruise as fast as an impressive Mach 0.90 (or about 680 mph), with a maximum range of a little more than 5,700 miles for the G500 and about 7,100 miles for the G600.

The cabins in both aircraft will measure more than 7.5 feet wide and more than 6 feet high, with space for as many as 18 passengers. The G500 has three living areas and the G600 adds the option of a crew rest area or a fourth living area. Both cabins feature Gulfstream’s signature big oval windows for plenty of natural light, and a suite of features to help combat fatigue: 100 percent fresh air, industry-leading low noise levels, and a cabin altitude of just 4,850 feet. The flight deck is updated with active control side sticks, 10 integrated touchscreens, and a digital fly-by-wire system to promote stability.

Gulfstream has already built two new production facilities for the jets at its campus in Savannah. The $43.5 million G500 is expected to enter service in 2018, with the $54.5 million G600 to follow a year later. (gulfstream.com)

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