Gulfstream’s Latest Jet Is Fastest Yet

While Gulfstream’s corporate jets have long been popular for their range and comfort, they couldn’t keep up with the blazing close-to-supersonic speed of Cessna’s Citation X. But now, Gulfstream’s speedy new G650 jet will take the lead as the world’s fastest civilian aircraft, with a top speed of almost 700 mph. The G650 will fly 8,000 miles nonstop, carrying eight passengers in executive ease, for truly global range. The stand-up cabin is the industry’s widest, at eight feet across. Even the windows will be bigger than anyone else’s. The airplane will fly for the first time late next year, and deliveries are scheduled to start in 2012. Price is about $59 million. (912.965.4679, www.gulfstream.com)

Mary Grady

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