Jet Edge Adds Three Falcon Jets

Jet Edge’s approximately 40-plane fleet now includes a 2000EX and two 2000LX jets…

Jet Edge International, a private-jet-charter operator based in Los Angeles, has added three Falcon 2000 jets to its fleet—one Falcon 2000EX and two 2000LX aircraft. The Falcon 2000EX offers a newly refurbished interior for up to eight passengers, with pearl leather seating in a forward-and-aft club configuration. One of the 2000LX airplanes features club seating for four of the eight seats, plus an aft conference table, while the second 2000LX boasts two extra club seats for a total of 10. Both LX interiors offer cream leather seats, veneer satin-finish woodwork, and custom metal-plated hardware fixtures throughout the cabin.

The EX can cruise at 555 knots and fly 4,370 miles with six passengers on board. The LX jets are equipped with winglets, adding about 230 miles to the range. All three planes (as well as Jet Edge’s approximately 40-plane fleet, including Gulfstream and Bombardier Global jets) are also part of Jet Edge’s new FlexBase pricing program in which the jets can be chartered through seven base locations around the country: New York, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and Denver. This system allows the company to reduce costs and minimize waits due to repositioning flights. (flyjetedge.com)

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