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Jet Edge Reveals Posh New Headquarters at Van Nuys Airport

Robb Report tours the well-situated new flagship headquarters of jet-management company Jet Edge.


In March, jet-management company Jet Edge moved into a beautiful new headquarters at the north end of the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. The opulent, shiny-new facilities include a bright white hangar, a maintenance area, two stories of offices, and guest spaces finished in a style fit for its private clients. Robb Report toured the new facilities shortly after the spring move.

“I’m staying late every night because I just really like being here,” said Bill Papariella, CEO of Jet Edge International, as each member of our group sat nestled in big leather chairs and a sofa in his well-appointed office. “We’re excited,” he said. “There is no real estate available on this field, so getting this kind of space in a location like Van Nuys is truly reserved for the premiere operators in the world. We couldn’t be more proud to call this home base.”

A dazzling white 45,000-square-foot hangar is at the heart of the new Jet Edge facility. It accommodates large aircraft such as the Gulfstream G650 and Bombardier Globals while providing privacy and protection from the elements for its clients. Within the large hangar is 20,000 square feet of space for jet maintenance. Don’t forget your safety glasses—they’re available and highly recommended upon hangar entry.

“Jet Edge is one of only a small number of aviation companies worldwide with the level of safety accreditations we have as an operator (IS-BAO, Argus Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, ASAP). Our safety team is obsessive about the details, all the way down to the safety glasses in the hangar,” says Papariella.

The main building comprises 12,000 square feet of office space, some of which is reserved for Jet Edge clients. Guests can shake off the travel in a comfortable and contemporary lounge that beckons with sleek seating and a flat-screen TV—not to mention a view of the tarmac, which might be the best perk. For those clients who travel with a chef or who may call one in to each travel destination, a large commercial kitchen is at the ready for a made-to-order meal.

Security is provided around-the-clock via cameras located inside and outside the building. A secured gate surrounds the ample off-street parking.

For those who are unclear as to what Jet Edge actually does, Papariella quickly summed, “We are not only an operator of aircraft,” he said. Papariella further clarified that “Jet Edge is an end-to-end private aviation platform. We help owners find the right aircraft, and we onboard those aircraft onto the best operational platform in the world. The infrastructure at Jet Edge allows our owners to truly optimize their asset while they enjoy it. Through operational excellence, we’re able to leverage best practices companywide to ensure that owners win. Whether it’s fuel, charter, crew, maintenance. Our focus on procurement and revenue management has allowed us to grow into the premiere large cabin operator. Jet Edge being number one in hours flown over the last five years when it comes to large cabin aircraft proves that.”

Besides offering a place to call home and a hand to hold you through the buying process, the company also helps clients sell their current planes and upgrade to new ones.

“Finding unusual value in the aircraft marketplace for our owners is one of the key drivers of our success as we continue to grow. Our ability to transact off market has been a real sweet spot for us, especially as the pre-owned market has heated up and inventory is tight,” Papariella said.

Besides buying, selling, and maintaining the aircraft and crew, Jet Edge makes sure each flight experience is remarkable. “Once you’re part of the family, we make sure that first flight is how it should be when you own your own aircraft. Our service teams are incredible. All the little very specific details regarding menu and preparation are paramount. We have team members that are specially trained to make the most amazing meals in the air,” he explains.

It seems that the flagship offices are simply a sign of things to come.

“[The year] 2018, we’re excited to build. With infrastructure in place now in Van Nuys, Teterboro, White Plains, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Miami, our footprint has allowed us to attract owners based in the most important hubs. This year we’re focused on sustainable growth, attracting A-players to our business, and continuing to attract the right owners to our fleet. This facility is not only a reflection of where we are as a company today, but also where we are headed.” Papariella said.

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