JetReady Is Readier Than Ever Thanks to a New Gulfstream and Worldwide Charter Clearance [Video]

The new charter company is expanding its fleet and its reach, with plans for more to come.

Private jet charter operator JetReady may be a relative newcomer—it made its debut just last year—but the Florida-based operator is already ramping up, having recently added a newly refurbished Gulfstream GIV-SP to its expanding fleet. The company is sure to put the heavy jet to good use, as it also recently acquired approval to offer charter flights worldwide, greatly expanding its reach by allowing the firm to service to international destinations.

The new GIV-SP is already in service and can be hired for domestic hops as well as international flights thanks to its 5,006-mile range, which makes transatlantic crossings a breeze. The spacious cabin’s configuration can seat as many as 13 passengers, and its six-foot, one-inch height means most of those passengers will be able to walk completely upright along its 45-foot length.


JetReady Gulfstream GIV-SP interior

JetReady Gulfstream GIV-SP interior  Photo: Courtesy JetReady

Although the jet has a couple of decades under its belt—it was built in 1993—it underwent a full refurbishment early this year that included a beautiful new interior equipped with a galley and two lavatories. A dark wood veneer with light-colored graining appears throughout the cabin and really makes the immaculate white leather seating really pop. The look of the wood even extends to the carpeting, which has a dark graining pattern running through it. The cabin is equipped with a four-person seating area up front, a divan and a pair of seats mid-cabin, and a four-person seating area with a foldable table opposite a credenza at the stern. It’s also fully equipped with a modern suite of technological features, including Wi-Fi, movies on demand, and up-to-date in-flight information.

JetReady Gulfstream GIV-SP interior

JetReady Gulfstream GIV-SP interior  Photo: Courtesy JetReady

The new Gulfstream GIV-SP joins JetReady’s stable of 10 aircraft, comprising other GIV-SPs, Challenger 601s, and Hawker 800XPs. But the company isn’t done yet; it says that it plans to add several more aircraft to its fleet before the end of the year.

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