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‘Just Like Expedia’: This New Platform Lets You Book Private Jets From Your Phone

The new service aims to remove the middlemen from private jet chartering.

Jettly Jettly

Picking which private jet to charter isn’t always straightforward, but a new online tool aims to bring the growing market to your fingertips.

Jettly, an online aviation broker, has just launched a new booking platform for its website and app that it hopes will serve as a kind of Expedia for private flying, according to CEO Justin Crabbe.

Based around a simple dashboard, the search engine allows jet-setters to peruse the company’s network of operators to charter flights anywhere in the world. Similar to Google Flights, Expedia or Kayak, you add the details of your trip (date, origin and destination) then the quotes come back within hours. From here, you can compare each aircraft and its policies, charter prices and seating capacity. You can even peruse customer reviews.


The new booking platform works on a smartphone or desktop.  Jettly

Of course, if that’s still too much of a time suck, Jettly has a private jet concierge on-hand that can help tailor journeys. And because we’re in 2021, it can even text you rather than call.

Crabbe hopes the service and its smartphone-friendly platform will make private jets more accessible and appealing to the younger generation of millennial affluents. To that end, it removes the time-consuming back and forth between fliers, middlemen and brokers or operators.


Jettly’s private jet.  Jettly

The timing for the app appears to be right. In the wake of the pandemic, private aviation has hit record highs. In fact, last October was the busiest month ever for private jet travel in the US, according to aviation consultancy Argus International. Travelers took some 323,000 private flights throughout the month, eclipsing the previous record of 302,000 flights that was set in July. Indeed, Crabbe says that Jettly has handled about 15,000 requests per month as of late.

Andrew Collins, CEO of Sentient Jet, which reported $450 million in jet-card and charter sales in 2020, says this is due to personal travel. In addition to straight-up vacations, more people are using private jets for hybrid trips that blend business and leisure.

For those that travel far and wide, Jettly says it offers access to more than 20,000 aircraft globally. Of course, the service isn’t free. The company’s membership fee for the service starts at $370 per month.


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