Large: Gulfstream G450

The Gulfstream G450 (912.965.3000, www.gulfstream.com), a successor of the company’s best-selling GIV series business jet, stands out for its 5,000-mile range and extra-long cabin, which stretches 40 feet from end to end. The G450 boasts room for up to 16 passengers and berths for six. Multiple heating zones cater to individual comfort on longer trips, and the extra-large cabin windows, low noise levels, and steady supply of 100 percent fresh air help to minimize passenger fatigue. In the cockpit, four large display screens provide pilots with flight information, while Gulfstream’s Enhanced Vision System II improves their visibility at night or in fog.

The $38.3 million G450 requires minimal scheduled maintenance; but whenever the need does arise, Gulfstream’s global network of parts-and-support staff stands at the ready.

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