Light: Cessna Citation CJ3

In his Cessna Citation CJ3 (316.517.6056, www.cessna.com), owner-operator David MacNeil, CEO of MacNeil Automotive, typically flies four people from Chicago to Los Angeles, spends the day in meetings, and is home that night to sleep in his own bed.

“For me, the CJ3 hits that sweet spot,” he says. “It’s single-pilot certified, so I can fly it myself; it’s got the speed, range, and comfort that I need; it sips fuel at a fraction of what bigger jets burn; and I can climb to 45,000 feet in 23 minutes, flying above the weather and even above the airlines to get the most direct routing.”

Mid-size companies like MacNeil’s are the natural beneficiaries of the CJ3, but the plane also fills a niche for bigger corporations that need a light-jet option for getting closer to city centers or remote destinations. “It just does everything right,” says MacNeil of the CJ3, which is backed by Cessna’s worldwide service network and priced at approximately $8.15 million.

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