Light: Embraer Phenom 100

Embraer was building jets for regional airlines long before it entered the light-jet category in 2008 with the Embraer Phenom 100 (954.359.3700, www.embraer.com). So it is no wonder that the plane has the feel of a downsized airliner rather than that of a beefed-up private aircraft. However, because the latest automated and redundant systems allow single-pilot certification of the cockpit, the Phenom 100 maintains the convenience of a light jet.

Embraer collaborated with BMW Group Designworks USA to create ergonomic interiors for both the cockpit and the cabin. Every curve and surface reflects a careful effort to maximize comfort and utility. Larger-than-average windows like those on Embraer’s bigger jets, for example, provide passengers aboard the Phenom 100 with views typically afforded by much larger aircraft.

“This airplane is really delighting the buyers who’ve chosen it,” says Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member Peter V. Agur Jr. “Its performance and efficiency are industry-leading.” The Phenom 100 sells for roughly $3.6 million.

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