Light Midsize: Bombardier Learjet 45XR

Bombardier Learjet 45XR (514.861.9481, www.bombardier.com) offers substantial upgrades over its previous iteration. New engines enable the 45XR to achieve higher cruising speeds and quicker climbs, while a 1,000-?pound boost in takeoff weight allows the jet to carry enough extra fuel to extend its range significantly. These performance improvements give the 45XR the ability to reach Los Angeles from Atlanta, or Moscow from Paris, with a full payload. The cabin of the 45XR provides an eight-passenger club arrangement with removable seats that lends itself to maximum flexibility, while its oval fuselage enhances legroom and creates an overall sense of spaciousness.

“The 45XR shines,” says Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member William J. Quinn Jr. “For someone stepping up from a small jet, it offers enough additional capability to justify the extra cost. It hits just the right blend of performance and efficiency.” The 45XR sells for approximately $12.7 million.

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